Posted on Apr 22, 2020

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5 Reasons Why it is Important to Continue Advertising in a Recession

Challenging and turbulent times force us to rethink our strategies and adapt to the situation. When the going gets tough, businesses take a hit. The coronavirus crisis, for example, has triggered an unprecedented global shutdown, which has led to an inevitable revenue slowdown. Lower demand for certain products and services is a blow to businesses. The natural instinct is to cut the marketing budget until the crisis blows over.

Hunkering down, however, brings its own problems. If a business drops off the radar it is easily forgotten about in the mind of the consumer, which weakens a brand. Whereas consumer studies show that if you continue to advertise during an economic downturn, it can help a business survive a recession. Here are 5 reasons why recession advertising may help you to retain your market share or even increase it:
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